Mortgages for the first time buyer

Mortgage Services Cookstown Limited can help you help you take those complicated first steps to obtain a mortgage and help you to buy your first home.

Mortgage Services Cookstown Limited can access a wide range of mortgage providers and we can sift through these to find a deal that best suits your circumstances.

In Northern Ireland, there are now some quite intensive financial criteria to obtain a mortgage. We will help you through still procedure by identifying exactly what proof and documentation that is required.

Most lenders are looking for a minimum 5% deposit from first time buyers so on a purchase of £150,000 you would need £7,500.

There are some schemes that will allow you to put down less of a deposit. Co-ownership and help-to-buy schemes can give you some alternatives.

Different lenders specialise in different products and have different lending criteria. By having a wide panel of lenders, Mortgage Services Cookstown Limited can provide a far wider range of mortgage options to people than if we only worked with one particular lender or an individual bank.

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